In terms of the design and development of R&D and digital control equipment, we have been a reliable partner to high-tech companies and research institutes. Creative planning power and new advanced technical capabilities are essential in our business today. With a solid technical philosophy, we are aggressively challenging newer and more sophistisd areas. In the digital field, we focus specifically on developments using new devices including DSP and FPGA.


Design, development and production of chemical
and medical equipment.     
(Custom-made products and experimental apparatus)
Precision dispenser for specimens
Dispenser for reagent
Pretreatment equipment for DNA (PCR) 
On-line laboratory testing line for hospital
Automatic product inspection equipment for pharmaceutical companies
Organic synthesis lines (Combinatorial chemistry)
Chemiluminescence analyzer
Beads washer
Development of test models for experimental apparatus  
Laboratory instruments for clinical use
Other commissioned development 

Development and production of controller
for measuring device
Various control boards for NC equipment
Film coating testing equipment
CD inspection equipment
Surface roughness testing equipment
Detector for minute amount of cells (Flow cytometry)

Software design and development
Specimen management program for clinical inspection
Image processing program for production lines
Data communication program for detected data on minute amount of cell
Communication program for automatic specimen line for hospitals

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Product Information

Custom-made Products

設計開発 製造のラインナップ 設計開発 製造のラインナップ 設計開発 製造のラインナップ 設計開発 製造のラインナップ

  • DNA-Density Analyzer
    Full automate optical
    analyzing technology.

  • Disinox Sterile Water
    Air sterilization for
    Bird Flu,SARS,
    Various Virus,Bacteria.

  • 8ch Pipettes Unit
    Unit of adjustable
    separate positioning
    8ch pipettes.
    Adjustable separation
    each pipettes.