◆Disinox  Sterile Water

Air sterilization for Bird Flu SARS,Virus,Influenza,Bacillus,Bacteria !  

Disinox is sterile water, and is based on a new idea for the safe sterilization of the environment around us.
Disinox uses a sterilization technique which has eight times the bacteria killing effect of sodium hypochlorite that has been used in the food industry for a long time.
Using Disinox sterile water, it is possible to establish a safe system which is able to sterilize food, cooking utensils, medical equipment, as well as killing bacteria on the human body and in open air. Such a system is especially useful for places like hospitals, food processing plants, public spaces like airports, airplanes and schools, to prevent bacterial infection.

Disinox Sterile Water
Characteristics of Disinox
Stronger sterilizing power - sterilizes from standard plate count bacteria to spore. Active sterilizing element (HOCL) is about 8 times of sodium hypochlorite.
Sterilization of air - safe and harmless sterilization of air is possible by atomization.
Easy use by opening and closing faucets - with the use of faucets, Disinox sterile water intake and blocking is easy.
Safe for foodstuffs - by contacting with organic matters like bacteria, Disinox sterile water soon becomes normal water, and its ingredients do not stay behind.
Subtle odor - in the range of 50-100 ppm.
Odor elimination - removes odors like ammonia, and works well to eliminate bad smells in your surroundings.
Gentle for your skin - 25% less skin irritation that other commercially available disinfectants.
No trihalomethane is generated - trihalomethane is often generated when pH moves toward alkalinity. Disinox sterile water is neutral, and does not generate trihalomethane.
No need to treat waste water - since Disinox sterile water returns to normal water after contacting with organic matters, there is no need for pretreatment of waste water.
Space saving - no need for large-scaled modification, and existing equipment can be utilized for the establishment of the Disinox system.
Cost saving - saves initial costs and operating costs. Since sodium hypochlorite is used at a smaller density, you do not have to waste much water before the generation of Disinox sterile water. Because no electrolysis is necessary for the generation of Disinox sterile water, electric power costs are also saved.

 ■The different of DISINOX

■Comparison of antibacterial spectrum with typical

 ■Test report: Influence of pH of DISINOX and normal
  hypochlorous acid (HOCI), loaded acid and alkaline liquid.

This test report says, Normal hypochlorous acid (HOCI) has very weakness with acid and alkaline liquid loaded. Especially, it is too danger to mix HOCl water with acid, even a drop of Lemon juice, because of chlorine Gas easily outbreak. DISINOX has been improved this point of view for safe sterilization and disinfection.

DISINOX technology is able to keep the most powerful range of sterilization, around level pH5.

 ■Useful spaces for sterilization

 ◆Public spaces, for instance
At the airport, hospital, school, hotel, theater, office, underground arcade.
Especially, it is very effective deterrence with virus and bacteria from overseas to spray DISINOX Micro Mist in the arrival gate and baggage counter at the airport.

 ◆Foods, Agriculture and Breeding
In the Restaurant, Kitchen, Foods factory, Greenhouse, Breeding house.
Even a inside refrigerator for fresh foods.

 ■For Home Users


DISINOX Micro Mist Spray
●This makes your home aseptic atmosphere. No virus, no mold, as far as no ammoniac odor. Contents : Ultrasonic spray, Concentrated DISINOX pack(1000ppm, 400mL).
Caution: Please thin down DISINOX 50 - 100ppm with enclosed measure cup.

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