■Introduction of our business

Design, development and production of chemical and medical equipment. (Custom-made products and experimental apparatus)
Precision dispenser for specimens
Dispenser for reagent
Pretreatment equipment for DNA (PCR) 
On-line laboratory testing line for hospital
Automatic product inspection equipment for pharmaceutical companies
Organic synthesis lines (Combinatorial chemistry)
Chemiluminescence analyzer
Beads washer
Development of test models for experimental apparatus  
Laboratory instruments for clinical use
Other commissioned development 

Development and production of controller for measuring device
Various control boards for NC equipment
Film coating testing equipment
CD inspection equipment
Surface roughness testing equipment
Detector for minute amount of cells (Flow cytometry)

Software design and development
Specimen management program for clinical inspection
Image processing program for production lines
Data communication program for detected data on minute amount of cell
Communication program for automatic specimen line for hospitals

■Company Profile■

During the years of "A-take Industry" (former name of our company), we came up with a concept to automate clinical inspections by creating an operation line to handle dispensing for pretreatments and precision dispensing per reagent according to the specimen material information from the host.

Developed the world first automatic 10-ch precision dispenser, "S-1." "S-1" is a precision dispenser without contamination using disposable tips and an automatic capillary tip cast / supply system. It was made as a station for operation lines. Each nozzle has an individual mechanical stroke adjusting system. Dispensing quantity can be monitored by a pressure sensor.

Developed an automatic dispenser "L-1" with random access. It uses disposable tips, and can specify the quantity and number of dispensed specimens using the data from the host.

S-1" and "L-1" were introduced in lines.

Developed an automatic dispenser with random access, "S-3,"
and introduced it to operation lines.
"S-3" is a precision dispenser similar to "L-1." It detects fluid level, and realized more precise dispensing by homogenizing the quantity of the liquid attached to tips.Developed a desktop dispenser for specimen materials using disposable tips "A-1"
(for mass production).

Developed an automatic dispenser for reagents "A-2."
It precisely dispenses reagents at high speed of 3500 tubes / hour or faster based on the data for each tube.

Developed a 2-ch dispenser with random access, "L-3."
It is an independent 2-ch dispenser using disposable tips at a higher speed than "L-1."

Developed a 5-ch dispenser at high speed, "S-5."
It is a 5-ch precision dispenser using disposable tips, and is an updated version of "S-1."

Separated the development and production department of A-take Industry. A 5-ch dispenser at high speed, "S-5" was introduced in operation lines.

Stack System, Co., Ltd. was established at 2-21-3, Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo.
Developed an automatic processing system at high speed for immunoassay of mast cells.
It is laborsaving equipment for an immunoassay system for mast cells, and consists of a washer and an inhalator for cells.

Developed a 5-ch dispenser "SX5000" for CAP・TAST system.
It is compatible with the CAP system for allergy tests, and is possible to perform precise dispensing with random division to micro plates based on the inspection data. In addition, the newly developed micropipette unit can be independently activated.
Developed a 2-ch dispenser with random access, "L-4."
Moved the headquarters to Yayoi-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo.

Developed a SCARA robot type dispenser for specimen materials, "RX450."
It is a precise dispensing robot for saving space for line operations.
Developed a 5-ch precision dispenser, "S-5W."
Dispatched trainers to the headquarters of ABBOT in Chicago

Developed an automatic chemiluminescence analyzer (Clx prototype). It is a large-scale automatic analyzer for the processing of a large amount of tests, and can perform dispensing, inserting reagent for reaction, measurement of reaction and Chemiluminescence as a job lot.
Realized the online use of the RX450 for inspection centers.

Developed a system to handle automatic pretreatment of specimen materials and conveyance systems for hospitals. The system can identify each specimen material with barcodes, and supply it to an analyzer by verifying with the host.

Started the export of dispenser units for specimen materials to Europe.

Implemented operation lines for hospitals using "RX450."

Developed a new dispenser for reagents (for mass production).

Completed an experimental organic synthesis chemical combinatorial line. By the development of this automatic equipment for research and development, a multiaxial articulated type robot allocated in the center replaces human labor because it is able to handle dispensing, inserting reagents for reaction, taking care of reaction and storage.

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