Precision dispenser RX450



Stages have been widened by using a selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA)

@By changing traditional X-Y-Z orthogonal axis to rotation axis, dispensing stages have significantly widened.
As this model is able to secure an effective area for three dispensers, you can save space in your facility. We sell standalone robots, too, which are more than adequate for the introduction of the sampling equipment for reagents in a limited space.

Introduction of contact cylinder nozzle
Cylinder, sensor, driving motor and nozzle are integrated into a pencil-shaped unit. By removing plumbing, superfluous airspace is reduced as much as possible to pursue higher precision sampling.

Storage of large equipment is possible
Controller, personal computer, display, printer and other equipment can be stored in the custom-built stand.


Teaching Method
Specimen material area, assay area and chip rack can be freely specified for a wide range of layouts.

Protocol Method
Items and dispensing patterns can be freely specified. Dispensing patterns can be stored.

Standard equipment qwSTO
Processing power 350 specimens/hour
(50 ul: for 1:1 dispensing)
Dispensed quantity 25 ul - 500 ul
(Option:Exclusive chips are necessary for 10ul dispensing)
Nozzle's operating area Radius 446.0 mm
Voltage AC 100V 50/60 Hz
Electric power consumption 180W
Weight About 75 kg (including stand)
Size W 950 x D 730 x H 1400 mm
(Height of table: 820 mm)
Chips to be used Chips for exclusive use.
(We can change chips according to your request.)


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